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Greyson is the creator of Brick Convention, one of the largest event producers of its kind in the world with over 15 large-scale events planned for 2023. The event is filled with interactive, creative and educational activities for the whole family. Brick Convention features hands-on educational fun for all ages: Building Zones, dozens of large-scale and miniature LEGO models and displays, professional LEGO artists, vendors selling anything and everything LEGO.

Brick Convention’s strategic model is unique in that the company is not on perpetual tour, but rather the goal is to establish annual and semi-annual events in every market it goes to. Brick Convention’s mission is create events that the local community can expect to attend year after year.

Current events on the Brick Convention roster include:


  • Orlando Brick Convention 

  • Minnesota Brick Convention

  • Memphis Brick Convention

  • Rhode Island Brick Convention

  • Louisville Brick Convention

  • Cleveland Brick Convention

  • Springfield Brick Convention

  • Greenville Brick Convention

  • Mobile Brick Convention

  • OKC Brick Convention

  • Quad Cities Brick Convention

  • Wichita Brick Convention

  • Hampton Roads Brick Convention

  • Columbus Brick Convention


Medieval LEGO (September 2015, No Starch Press) teaches the fascinating history of medieval times through LEGO illustrations. It includes contributions from the world's leading scholars including Robert Bartlett, FA, FRSE of the University of St. Andrews, David D'Avray of University College London, and D'Arcy Jonathan Dacre Boulton, AIH FRHSC of the University of Notre Dame.  

Greyson's desire to teach history in a way that young readers would find interesting and fun led him undertake the project at the age of 13. Since its publication, Medieval LEGO has taught and inspired thousands of young readers throughout the world. Medieval LEGO can be found in Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, and on 


Greyson is also the creator and founder of BrickUniverse, a massive event that he started when he was 14 years old. The first event was held in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2014 and there has since been over 50 BrickUniverse conventions organized across the United States. From 2014-2022 Greyson had organized and managed the day-to-day operations for every BrickUniverse event across the country inspiring thousands of attendees to learn and create all through LEGO bricks.


Greyson has traveled to over 50 countries and started Atlas of History, a project to locate and organize historical landmarks around the world through accessible maps. Atlas of History aims to bring greater global accessibility to the historical sites. With 14,328 historical sites in 196 countries logged, Atlas of History is the largest global source of its kind for historical landmarks in the world. Currently in beta and slated for general public release in early 2023.

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